2024/6/17 - New work from the Boston lab showing how to realize an order-of-magnitude improvement in sensitivity by carefully positioning an external magnet! Read more here

2024/4/26 - Our work on BiFeO3 was highlighted on Northeastern's COS webpage - learn more about why we're working on this material here !

2024/4/5 - Nicole's first paper is online, and made the front cover of JPCB!  Congratulations!

Find out more about how the geometry and curvature of obstacles shapes diffusion in membranes here

2024/4/4 - Our paper using scanning NV microscopy to image the magnetism in BiFeO3 is now online at Nature Communications! 

Find out more about how complex magnetic ordering can be controlled with electric fields (and how we can image it)  here 

2023/8/1  - The scanning NV system has now moved to its permanent lab space in Building V. We've also moved our training documentation online - check it out at

2023/2/20 - Congratulations to Nicole for winning the poster competition at BPS 2023!

2022/9/30  - The new scanning NV magnetometer is now operational at the EQUAL labs in Burlington! This tool enables nanoscale magnetic fields to be measured and imaged in a wide range of materials. Thanks to Qnami for the installation and excellent user training sessions they provided!

2022/9/7 - Great launch event for the Experiential Quantum Advancement Laboratories (EQUAL) at the Burlington Innovation Campus! New facilities enabled by a grant from the MassTech Collaborative will include a scanning NV magnetometer, state-of-the-art ARPES systems and new material growth platforms.